Another Sonoma County city has banned pot cultivation and also dispensaries, citing burglaries and robberies. That means more speculators will be scouring county land to get rich on, at the expense of your neighborhood. It means the county needs to tighten their regs, stat.

“The largest city in northern Sonoma County is saying “no” to marijuana — no dispensaries, no cannabis businesses and no outdoor cultivation.

The Windsor Town Council last week unanimously introduced an ordinance prohibiting any type of marijuana businesses within city limits, in part to preserve warehouse space from being gobbled up by the newly legalized industry.

But town officials also want to avoid any associated problems, such as burglaries and robberies of cash-heavy marijuana businesses.

“Windsor remains primarily a family-oriented town,” said Mayor Debora Fudge, who said there has been little call from the citizenry of Windsor to adopt a more lenient attitude toward cannabis.”