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Please see the Barns of Sonoma site, which includes Napa barns.

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Please see our sister site - for background on the North Bay Barn Preservation initiative.

In Southern California only a few historic barns remain today.
When our rural heritage is gone, what will separate us from Van Nuys?

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Links & Resources:

Napa County Resources

Preservation Napa Valley -

Sonoma County Resources

Sonoma Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District -

Greenbelt Alliance -

Santa Rosa Preservation Advocacy Support Taskforce -

Sonoma County Historical Society -

O.W.L. Foundation, Open Space, Water Resource Protection and Land Use -

Marin County Resources

California State Resources

California Historical Society -

California Preservation Foundation -

California Office of Historic Preservation -

Incentives for Historic Preservation in California
(California Office of Historic Preservation Technical Assistance Series #15) -

Other States Resources

Barn Preservation Guidelines, including NY State, Vermont & Dept Interior resources -

Taking Care of Your Old Barn
(This doc is from Vermont - California lacks these guides) -

Washington State's Barn Preservation Bill -

Washington State Barn Preservation Resources
(Washington is leading California on this) -

Federal Resources

The Historic Preservation Learning Portal -

Department of Interior Barn Preservation Brief -

National Park Service Preservation Resources -

National Trust for Historic Preservation -

See Also:

National Register of Historic Places -

Tax Incentives for Barn Preservation -

More information on Federal, State and Income tax Incentives for Barn Preservation on Agriculture Online article -

Saving America's Countryside:
A Guide to Rural Conservation (National Trust for Historic Preservation, Paperback) - Amazon

Other Resources

Barn Again, National Program to Preserve Historic Farm Buildings -

The Barn Journal -

American Farmland Trust -

National Barn Alliance -

Protecting Older and Historic Barns through Barn Preservation -
Programs by Jennifer Goodman, Bill Kimball, and Byrd Wood (Paperback - Sep 1, 2004) - Amazon

Barn Again! A Guide to the Rehabilitation of Older Farm Buildings (Paperback) - Amazon

Protecting Older and Historic Barns through Barn Preservation Programs - Preservation Books

Using Old Farm Buildings - Preservation Books

New Life for White Elephants: Adapting Historic Buildings for New Uses - Preservation Books

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