The pattern of these horrendous Rohnert Park developments is well established. Get them passed with minimal public notification then when people find out about it, years later, tell them “but you should have objected 10 years ago when this project was in review”.

Why do other towns not have this problem of residents finding out after the fact that huge swaths of the town are going under dozer to create even more high density cookie cutter ghettos of tomorrow?

Why are other towns not mandated by law to build, build, build.

This type of development should be in the downtown area, not way out east. Residents of Penngrove, this traffic will be on you.

Councilwoman Pam Stafford said:

“I’m sorry people feel that way, but, as they heard tonight, this project has been in place for 15 years. We’re just changing the plan slightly, and, personally, I’m happy to see the commercial isn’t going to be as big as it was planned,” Stafford said last week. “We have to build housing in our communities. We are mandated by law to build. So I have no issues.”

Added City Manager Darrin Jenkins: “The time to kind of decide whether and what this property would be used for was 10 years ago. If those changes aren’t approved, then they have permission to build a much, much larger project, with much greater traffic impacts.”

Rohnert Park revises decade-old SOMO Village development plan (